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This website was born on 2015-05-25 named Accessibilité Programmes.
It has been renamed ProgAccess33 on 2016-09-19, and finally, its name has been shortened again to became ProgAccess with the V15.0 on 2017-09-09.
This website comes from the Corentin's desire (a blind -year-old student) to share his passion and to gather in one place the softwares accessible by blind people and by everybody.

During summer 2018, many changes came: in August, the source code has been published under GNU AGPL license, so the website is a free (libre) software. Later in the same month, the team start translating the site, beginning with Italian, Esperanto, English and Spanish. Michel Such gave the website NVDA-FR to us, and a dedicated website is created for the AccessiKey.

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